In pics: Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chak De India!’ was as much about the 11 girls as much it was about ‘Kabir Khan’

One Indian sports film which marked 11 years of its success on Friday, and is still remembered in the country and across is Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India! 

The film which has been awe-inspiring and yet triggers goosebumps, is one of the most finely made films in the industry. 

Chak De India! is a 2007 sports film, directed by Shimit Amin, which narrates a fictional story about the Indian women’s national field-hockey team and is inspired by the team’s win at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

The film which explores various themes, including feminism, sexism, the legacy of the partition of India, racial and religious bigotry, and ethnic and regional prejudice, became an instant hit amongst people belonging to all age groups and generations. 

Said to be SRK’s one of the best performances till date, Chak De India! gave the country a new anthem in the form of its title track, and made each one of us proud and teary-eyed when we saw the film. 

The film which still holds importance and is remembered for the immpecable performances delivered not just by the Dilwale actor, who essayed the role of Kabir Khan, the Indian women’s hockey team coach, but also by the 11 young girls who marked their debut. 

Undoubtedly the Shimit directorial was a game-changer and was lauded, not only for the intense performances, and the sense of patriotism it stirrer among the people of the nation, but also because it gave out the strong message of women empowernment in sports.

Today, on the film’s 11th anniversary, let’s go back down the memory lane!