Vishwaroop 2 movie review – live updates: Kamal Haasan’s film gets mixed talk from Hindi audience

Vishwaroop 2

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Hindi movie Vishwaroop 2 starring Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience around the world.

Vishwaroop 2 is an action film that has been simultaneously made in Tamil and dubbed in Telugu and Malayalam as Vishwaroopam 2, which is a circumquel to Vishwaroopam (2013).

The movie has been written, directed and produced by Kamal Haasan under the banner Aascar Films and Raaj Kamal Films International. It has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and has runtime of 2.21 hours.

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Performances: Kamal Haasan has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the main highlight of Vishwaroop 2. Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah have done good jobs that are assets of the film. Jaideep Ahlawat, Russell Geoffrey Banks, Waheeda Rehman, Mir Sarwar, Deepak Jethi and Anant Mahadevan have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Techinical: Vishwaroop 2 has brilliant production values and background score, picturation, action choreography, dialogues, costumes and makeup are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

Vishwaroop 2 review live updates: We bring you some viewers’ response to the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read the audience’s reactions.

Himesh‏ @himeshmankad

#Vishwaroop2 is good in parts, however the prolonged run-time dilutes the impact of the film. @ikamalhaasan is extremely ambitious which is visible in the shot-taking, BGM, in-depth research however wish the film had a better screenplay that held attention through-out 2.5 Stars!

Prashast Singh‏ @PrashastOnline

Finally watched #Vishwaroop2. It’s a high voltage action film which serves as a perfect follow-up to the prequel. Loaded with intense action and high quality VFX, it’s a film I will recommend watching. @ikamalhaasan has done a great job yet again. 4.5/5 stars. #Vishwaroop2 is not a spy thriller. It’s an out and out action film about human relations and I liked how @ikamalhaasan tied the loose ends from the prequel. The plot is simple but execution is top notch. Dialogues are written well and some twists are woven effectively. Performance factor works yet again for the film. @ikamalhaasan delivers a top notch act, while @PoojaKumarNY and Andrea Jeremiah are also quite good. Special applause for @RahulBose1 who makes his presence felt. Music is good but the prequel had better songs, I’ll have to say. No matter how different the overall theme and execution, the comparison between both movies is inevitable. I really liked #Vishwaroop and so is the case with #Vishwaroop2. The editing definitely needed to be a bit better. A few portions, though not boring or slow, actually hit the pace a bit. Still, the action keeps the film alive as it’s not entirely a plot-driven film. Action is remarkable and one of the biggest highlights of #Vishwaroop2. The entire climactic action sequence is spectacularly executed and raises excitement to a new level. Rest other action scenes also are a reason enough to experience it on the big screen. Finally, #Vishwaroop2 is an engaging action film which might have a simple plot, but still engages and reinstates the fact that films need to be judged by the screenplay, not synopsis. It’s definitely worth your time. Just make sure to watch the prequel first.

YRJ GADHVI‏ @AliveYashraj

#Vishwaroopam2 from : A Well Made Thriller By #KamalHaasan He Stole the Show. He Nailed it Overall. Best For This Weekend. Exiting Flick with Engaging Action Stunts. Definitely Watchable 3.5/5 #Vishwaroopam2FromToday #Vishwaroopam2Thiruvizha #Vishwaroopam2 #Vishwaroopam

Faridoon Shahryar @iFaridoon

.#Vishwaroopam2 is a self indulgent film that tests your patience. You can marvel at the ridiculousness of many stunts, situations and cringeworthy romantic scenes… Avoidable!

Bobby Talks Cinema‏ @bobbytalkcinema

#Vishwaroop2 – A shocking, disappointing mess, unexpectedly coming from the thinking actor-director.

Simran Singh‏ @FilmySingh13

Review: #Vishwaroopam2… The movie is a MUST- WATCH… simple story but brilliant execution… @ikamalhaasan nailed it agn.. well written, directed n acted… pre-interval superb… post interval little slow pace but picked up soon after an emotional scene n song #Vishwaroopam2 strts whr 1st part ended… so bfr watching make sure u watched prequel… run time of 2:20 hr seems little short as u wanted more of #Wisam and his team… performance of @ikamalhaasan is on next level… he lived the charecter and he’s kickass dng action #Vishwaroopam2 has everything of a top notch thriller of international level… raw action with fantastic stunts and gripping screenplay… even the non fans of @ikamalhaasan will enjoy the movie… DNT MISS #Vishwaroopam2 **** STARS

Prashant Pandey‏ @Tweet2Prashant

Only Dr. @ikamalhaasan can do it. This 2nd installment #Vishwaroopam2 is really killing in its plot. Some portions r larger than life n filmy too but the message is Loud & clear. Go and watch it @PoojaKumarNY innocence will win ur heart. My rating 4/5.

Fenil Seta‏ @fenil_seta

#Vishwaroop2 is a terrible flick with a scattered narrative and makes no impact whatsoever. Avoid! #Vishwaroop2 arrives 5 ½ years after Vishwaroop which anyways was not that memorable as such. But the film takes off from where the first part ended and assumes that viewers can vividly recall the events of the that movie #Vishwaroop2 Kamal Haasan and team attempts to fill gaps and gives answers to questions which were left unanswered. But the manner in which it’s done is very bland and dis-interesting #Vishwaroop2 Finale is expected to be exciting but Kamal Haasan leaves viewers dissatisfied as it gets over too quickly. Wisam’s relationship with his mother & his new equation with his wife is also depicted and it takes away the attention from main plot #Vishwaroop2 Kamal Haasan is decent and tries to put a fine act. But at places, he falters. Some of his dialogues are difficult to understand and the way he goes ‘Puhleeese’ in a couple of scenes is laughable #Vishwaroop2 @PoojaKumarNY is sizzling. @andrea_jeremiah is quite confident while @RahulBose1 gives his most ham performance over. @Jaiahlawat is very good but gets very limited scope

Film Companion @FilmCompanion

REVIEW: Directed by #KamalHaasan, #Vishwaroop2 is little more than a jaded vanity vehicle that presents itself as a self-aware genre movie.

Filmy Guru‏ @GuruFilmy

Just out of the #hindi press show of @ikamalhaasan #Vishwaroopam2 one word DISASTER won’t earn even 10 cr in the Hindi belt .. as far as Tamil goes let’s the if his star power works. It’s a no show . Wonder why the sequel was made . Shabby VFX

Usha Shrivas‏ @UshaShrivas

#Vishwaroop2 -best thriller film..Water scene are just wonderful…