Deepika Padukone and the curious case of the neat bun

Deepika Padukone and the curious case of the neat bun

Going back to the roots seems to be the current mood and why not? The classics remain a favourite as they are tried and tested in time and such trends have been carried by generations for us to cherish and feel connected to our legacy. In the present day and age, many of us yearn to go back to old lifestyles, food habits, and way of living and as far as fashion is concerned, we want to revisit the time-honoured styles to stand out in a crowd that is dedicated to trends changing everyday on social media. In the recent turn of events, when Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced their wedding, we were glued to our phones looking for updates and new pictures. While Deepika is one of the finest actresses of our times, her fashion quotient has mostly been questioned on the lines of experimentation, edge and having a personal sense of style.

Deepika has a beautiful face and since she realized that textured brows will work for her, thanks to her series of magnum opuses like Bajrao Mastani and Padmaavat, her big, beautiful eyes look more defined and expressive. Apart from that, she has mostly played safe with Indian wear and as far as western wear is concerned, her style sense seems a bit confused. With that great athletic body and height, she can definitely do much more than just playing safe with her make-up, choice of clothing and especially, her hair.

Be it events, releases, talk shows, interviews, weddings, Deepika seems to be obsessed with the neat bun. Hair tightly pulled back, gelled with not a single hair strand here and there. The top choices remain to be topknots, side-parted and middle parted buns, occasional braids, neatly pulled and gelled to highlight that beautiful smile that she wears and that perfect face cut. This is what we are assuming but, the question here is that is she trying to establish that hair as her signature style or she is just trying to be in safe hands sporting that classic hairdo.

When she announced her wedding, even though deep in our hearts we knew that we will be seeing the neat bun, the hope didn’t die to see her in something new, something more reinvented as a bride. Both her weddings had the same hair but we understood as designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee‘s styling will demand the same and the joy in the images covered for everything. What was disappointing actually was to see her sporting the same pasty bun when she reached India and we saw the happy couple waving to the fans and paparazzi outside their new home. Then came the reception day, and stakes were high on her dazzling us with her look. When so many eyes are on you and whatever you wear matters, there is no harm to try new things, with due respect to the signature you are trying to carve.

She definitely looked ethereal in the pure zari gold Kanjivaram silk sari complimented with pearls and emerald stone cut jewellery, hair stylist Gabriel Georgiou gave her the signature neat bun and we couldn’t help but compare her reception look with Anushka Sharma’s Delhi wedding reception look. Social media trolled Sabyasachi for giving her the same look as Anuskha’s and many commented saying, “Why don’t you try a new hairstyle?”

If we go by how Deepika looked in Homi Adajania’s 2012 romantic comedy Cocktail, we have enough proof that she can totally pull-off the volume boosting styles. Her style was much talked about and loved the new and improved look that she carried as the wild and complex Veronica.

Now all we can do is wait for her grand Mumbai reception and here’s hoping to see Deepika get out of her comfort style zone and surprise if not shock us.

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First Published: Nov 23, 2018 10:10 IST