Sangh Parivar to hold 3 mega rallies to scale up Ram Mandir movement

Sangh Parivar to hold 3 mega rallies to scale up Ram Mandir movement
Sangh Parivar will hold three mega rallies — in Nagpur, Ayodhya and Bengaluru this Sunday — to mobilise people for the Ram temple movement, senior officials of the RSS told ET.

The RSS and VHP have planned 543 rallies over the course of the next few days, from November 25 to December 25, including a march of saints on December 9 in New Delhi, just three days before the winter session begins.

VHP president Alok Kumar said there was an attempt to build a consensus even among political parties to bat for the temple in Ayodhya. “What Congress leader CP Joshi said recently also shows the party is thinking in line with the country’s ethos. This is a good time for them to show they truly care for the Hindu sentiment.”

He said cities such as Nagpur and Bengaluru were chosen for the rallies to connect with people from “central and south India”. The VHP expects a gathering of more than 2 lakh people at Bada Bhaktamal for ‘Dharm Sabha’ on Sunday.

Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, RSS number two, visited Ayodhya earlier this week and finalised all arrangements for Sunday’s event.

Meanwhile, the UP government has denied permission to Sena to hold a rally close to the Ram Janmabhoomi site. Sena leaders have already performed bhoomi pujan at Laxman Kila Park in Ayodhya, where Uddhav Thackeray will hold a meeting with saints during his two-day visit to the holy city. The Sena chief is expected to arrive in Ayodhya on Saturday, where he will meet prominent saints at the Laxman Kila Park and will later perform an aarti at Saryu river. Thackeray will also offer prayers at the Ram Lalla temple.

A senior VHP leader said that while the Sangh Parivar welcomed the Shiv Sena’s efforts, its event was entirely different from the Sena’s and that “it wished to be away from competitive politics over the temple”.