This International Meatless Day load up on proteins from your veggies

This International Meatless Day load up on proteins from your veggies

This International Meatless Day busts the popular belief that a meatless diet will cause you to miss out on your protein supply. No meat No problem, consume these vegetarian food options to satisfy your protein-rich appetite. Load on these healthy quality vegetarian proteins to keep away from diseases and complications that may occur due to protein deficiency. Rest assured your protein intake won’t suffer!

Baked potato

Indulge your taste buds to munch away to glory with baked potatoes. Full of fibre, potassium, tons of vitamin C and protein, this option is a filling treat to hog on. Just grab a fork, sprinkle some salt and simply dive in that crisp skin with a fluffy interior!


Add leafy green spinach to your ingredients list to catch up on those proteins. Spinach can add 2.9 gms per 100 gms of protein to your diet. Maximize its benefit by steaming it. If you ever idolized the secret behind Popeye being a great sailor man, then Spinach might just be it!


Hog on this mouth-watering nutritious fruit which offers 2.6gms of protein per 100gms. Sprinkle some salt over it and munch away guiltlessly.


The surprisingly protein packed corn cannot be missed. Boil them and toss a small amount of butter with some lemon squeezed in it. Pinch salt and red chilli in it to let your taste buds melt with every bite. It offers roughly 3gms of protein per medium ear.


You can ditch the meat with peas around. Made up of 5gms per 100gms. Boil and toss them with other boiled veggies with rice, pasta, soups or salads. Other than proteins it also fulfils the requirements of fibre and vitamin c in your diet.


Published: November 25, 2018 4:44 pm